iHerb coupon code

iHerb coupon code

iHerb coupon code XEB122

iHerb coupon code XEB122 saves you 5$ + -10% as rewards. It is easy to apply. Just two clicks and you’re set.

  1. Open the iHerb coupon code site. There you’ll find easy instruction for shopping at iHerb.com.
  2. You’ll find a link to iHerbs website that automatically activates the coupon.
  3. If you wish not to use the discount you can go to iHerb.com.
  4. Once on the iHerb website you can still choose to receive the 5 dollars off by manually entering the promo code XEB122. You do this in a shopping cart window.
  5. You need to insert one item to the basket in order to open the shopping cart window.
  6. In the shopping cart view you find a “Apply Rewards Code or Promo Code” field. Insert XEB122 and press “apply”.

iHerb coupon limitations

As a first time customer you save 5$ from your order. All the coupons are same in the value. That means that there’s no need for further searching.

iHerb coupon code is only valid for the first time order. There’s a limit for one coupon per household. This is a save measure by iHerbs half to prevent misusage. But feel free to share it with your friends.

iHerb offers the best prices for natural products

It’s a no-brainer to shop at iHerb.com. If you use supplements, cosmetics, natural skin solutions and other natural products, you save hundreds of dollars. It’s much more cheaper compared to brick and mortar stores.

Shipping at ridiculously low rates

Shipping cost are extremely low to all countries. Of course Americans enjoys the best of iHerb, but rest of the world is not far behind.

iHerb ships to all around the world. International airmail cost a flat 4$. Courier services, DHL and UPS, starts at 8$.

Let’s go save at iHerb.com

So what are you waiting for? Go to iHerb 5$ + -10% saving page from above link and get rewarded. If you wish not to use the discount, you can go straight to iHerb.com.

Enjoy the iHerb coupon code XEB122 and the great prices!