Shipping iHerb

Shipping iHerb

Shipping iHerb made easy. There is four main shipping methods to

  • Regular mail
  • Regular mail with tracking
  • DHL
  • UPS

Regular mail is the best and the most affordable shipping method. You should choose this method always. There’s only few exceptions to this.

If you’re ordering a big order. In money or weight wise then you may need to use the courier service.

DHL is superior to UPS. DHL prices are cheaper and they are both as fast. In certain countries DHL has some custom related extra cost. Ask your local DHL about those possible expenses.

How long the shipping takes?

Regular mail takes 2-7 work days in North America. 1-2 weeks to South America. To Europe, China, Russia, Middle-East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand it takes from 2-3 weeks.

DHL and UPS are fast as they ship all around the globe within 1,5 weeks.

How much is the shipping?

Regular mail cost flat 4$ to almost all countries. That’s crazy cheap! Very often iHerb offers the free shipping for orders above 40$.

Shipping to mainland USA is always free for orders above 20$.

DHL option starts from 8$ and may vary depending the shipment weight.

What to do when the regular mail option is not available?

If the regular airmail weight or price limits are surpassed you need to select the courier service.

Before doing so ask your customs about your local import limits. To save the most money, always order below the customs clearance amount.

Ask DHL about their customs practice. In some countries they are eager to charge for custom clearance service. Do not agree to this. There most likely is a way to clear custom by yourself.

Custom regulations

Please note that your country have some sort of customs regulations. Always become aware of these limitations before placing your order.

If you’re an American you can bypass this warning. iHerb would not ever sell anything that is out of bounds for their home customers.

I got it, so what to do next?

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